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Joan knows..
"A divorce coach can really help someone define and refine their goals and let you pare down and peel the onion layers and get to what really matters,"

For Attorneys

As a Certified Life Coach specializing in divorce and custody coaching, my vision is to change the emotional experience of divorce and custody. My goal is to help individuals and couples take a different approach, maintain their dignity, control their emotions and have a successful outcome that produces a positive view of the future.


Areas of Expertise:

Divorce Coaching:

  • Analysis of client case through interview and/or attorney information
  • Teach coping skills to eliminate emotional actions
  • Clear the cloud of emotions to enhance critical thinking
  • Develop and implement a strategic plan
  • Act as a sounding board and thinking partner
  • Manage the client’s emotional expectations of the divorce process
  • Enable the client to make decisions in a logical, educated manner
  • The client completes the divorce process with strength, dignity and positive results

Custody Coaching: (Individual and Two Party Clients)

  • Identify and eliminate negative emotions and actions
  • Clarify working boundaries and focus client on goals
  • Guides client(s) toward creating parenting strategies
  • Analyze client’s proposed custody schedule
  • Suggest workable solutions and prevent parental alienation
  • Provide detailed Client Meeting/Phone Call Memorandum to client(s) and attorney

Benefits for Attorneys:

  • Clients who can participate meaningfully in the divorce process
  • Clients who are empowered and willing to move their lives forward
  • Clients who can truly concentrate on their child(ren)’s best interest rather than getting back at their spouse.
  • Clients who now have tools to work cooperatively and communicating civilly and effectively with their spouse and child(ren)
  • Clients who are solution-focused rather than determined to “win” the divorce