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Joan knows..
"A divorce coach can really help someone define and refine their goals and let you pare down and peel the onion layers and get to what really matters,"

Do you feel alone or vulnerable in the process and want to have an objective and supportive partner to guide them along the way?
Have you suffered from intimidation, bullying or emotional abuse in their relationship, and are ready to break free from the wounds and patterns of the past?
Do you feel consumed by intense emotions and are desperate to find peace and strength?
Are you committed to a healthy transition for themselves and their families, and are seeking professional support to achieve this goal?
Have you recognize that old patterns and habits are no longer working, and are ready to try something new?
Are you tired of feeling scared, angry, resentful, sad or lonely, and want to find clarity and strength and claim an authentic, joy-filled life?


I'm a certified Life Coach with personal and professional experience in Separation and Divorce. I have a deep passion to help women who are facing infidelity in their current or past relationships. I can personally say that I've received most of my experience from my own personal divorce, coaching others through difficult divorces and child custody disputes. In addition to life experience, my graduate level studies were concentrated on family and human development. 

Any relationship where you have invested emotions, love, time, and effort, can be hard to part with. When you add in time, memories, and shared friends that separation can be painful and devastating. It is usually in this time of pain that most women make the worst decisions of their lives. They become emotional and let fear and anger guide them. These emotions can cost a women her children, hundreds of thousands of dollars and severed relationships that can never be mended. Emotions can cost a woman her financial and emotional security, and ultimately her freedom. Joan knows.  

Coaching is not clinical in nature as therapy or counseling. It is not based on a medical diagnosis and no diagnosis is made. There is no assumption that a mental health problem exists and a coach does not delve into the past to look for root causes of problematic issues. A Divorce Coach neither offers legal advice nor serves as a substitute for your attorney.

To achieve the goal of transitioning through divorce with dignity, strength and results, I will encourage you to identify a support system that will help see you through the difficult times. All too often individuals are bombarded with “advice” from friends, family and neighbors, which can be overwhelming, confusing and dangerous!


I will be your guide through the whole separation process until you reach an agreement and the recovery as well.


What is Divorce Coaching?


Divorce Coaches create a safe, trust-based environment in which they help you:


  • Explore your emotions
  • Learn skills to shift communication from hurtful to constructive
  • Create a workable plan for your family's future


 Divorce coaching helps you separate the emotions out of the equation and gives you the tools to be ready to meet with your attorney and be effective with that time.